About company

The company GIS – STAVINVEX a.s. has a rich history and has been in business for more than 15 years. From the very beginning, the company has been focusing on providing comprehensive services in the field of land survey and engineering-investment activities. In view of the fact that our quality services has, over time increased an interest, the company extended its GIS – STAVINVEX a.s. its scope beyond the borders of the Moravian – Silesian Region. This was also the cause of establishing several new subsidiaries in other regions of the Czech Republic and one in the Slovakia. In addition to the already mentioned geodetic and engineering activities, our company provides services and consultancy in the areas of real estate cadastre, digital data processing across several CAD systems, passportisation of local roads and property valuation. An important milestone in our history is 2013, when it was made a strategic decision to aquire new technologies for mobile mapping and 3D laser scanning. These new technologies allow us to significant expansion, diversification, quality and mainly the acceleration of our services and be a step, perhaps two before our competition.

The Timeline History GIS – STAVINVEX a.s.



Foundation of STAVINVEX s.r.o. providing services in the field of land survey and engineering-investment activities within the Moravian -Silesian Region.


PLYNAR s.r.o.

Establishment of PLYNAR s.r.o., which focused on the construction of the gas mains supply circuit, their documentation and transfer to the ownership of gas companies.


STAVINVEX Pelhřimov s.r.o.

Surface telecommunications buildings were an incentive for the extension of the scope in southern Bohemia and the birth of STAVINVEX Pelhřimov s.r.o.



Establishment of GIS – STAVINVEX a.s. by separation from STAVINVEX s.r.o.


CAD Documentation

Establishment of the new department “CAD Documentation”, which had a significant contribution to digitization of the dossier of the utility networks routes of all major companies.


E-GAS, spol. s r.o.

Enlargement of the scope beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and the establishment of E-GAS, spol. s.r.o. in Slovakia.


STAVINVEX Pardubice s.r.o.

Solving property relations, i.e. factual burdens with telecommunication structures in eastern Bohemia has given rise to a new subsidiary STAVINVEX Pardubice s.r.o.


Passports of local roads

In relation to the act on the roads we have successfully begun providing copies of Passports of local roads to the cities and municipalities.


MicroStation for officials in the public administration

This year we have received accreditation by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for providing MicroStation for officials in the public administration.


Digitization of cadastral maps

Our department of geometric plans in cooperation with ČUZK has launched a project: Digitization of cadastral maps.


Department of Engineering and investor activities

Due to the growing needs of large “network workers” (eg., RWE and others.) to solve property relations of paths of their utilities, we were forced to expand and reorganize functioning of our Department of Engineering and investor activities.


Mobile Mapping

Strategic decision to purchase new technology for Mobile Mapping.


3D Laser scanning

In the middle of this year starts up our new department of 3D Laser scanning.


New location in Litomysl

In 2015 we have opened our new location in Litomysl.



After obtaining a certificate to operate an air CAA agent without a pilot on board, we are expanding portfolio of our activities to another an interesting field – Photogrammetry.

We use the cloud

We record our work on an online server so you can have your result of our work is immediately available anywhere.

The latest technology

We use the latest technologies and procedures that will guarantee 100% of the results of our work. All of the highest quality.

Our customers

Our customers include leading companies in its field in the Czech Republic, which gives us confidence for our work done.

New Branch

We have opened another establishment, we have closer to customers, not only from the North Moravian region. You can find it in Litomysl.