Will you have a final inspection, do you want to sell or buy part of the land, or do you need to establish a factual burden on engineering network, or do you need to establish a factual burden of access to land? For all of this you’ll need a geometric plan.


Geometric plan is the result of Geodetic activities , which are used for the purposes of the real estate cadastre. Geometric plan is an integral part or annex of legal documents by which should be carried out an entry in the real estate cadastre.


In the field of real estate we prepare all kinds of geometric plans to meet the needs of citizens, businesses and organizations. Geometric plan serves as an annex to the registration of the property in the real estate cadastre.

We offer copies of the following types of geometric plans:

  • A Geometric plan to mark the building (house, garage, other building)
  • A Geometric plan to indicate the annex building (amendment of the outer circumference of the building)
  • Geometric plan to mark the waterworks
  • Geometric plan for indication of factual burden

We also perform all other work in real estate cadastre:

  • demarcation of the land in the field
  • border control of the land in the field
  • print of the current borders with the cadastral map
  • The geometric plan for land division
  • Geometric plan to change the boundaries of the land
  • Geometric plan for completion of the land that has been previously kept in a simplified manner
  • Geometric plan to refine the boundaries of the land

We also provide:

  • Property deposit (building record) in the real estate cadastre
  • expert opinions on the valuation of the land
  • consultancy in the field of real estate cadastre

Historical development of cadastral maps


Guardian cadastre:

Strážce katastru

We also offer entirely new service, “Guardian of the Cadastre”, which allows you to better keep an eye on your property.

If you own a property registered in the real estate cadastre, you can check the basic information about it at any time – that you are actually written there/ and as an owner, that there is no restriction about which you do not know – like lien, factual burden, right of pre-emption – that your correct address is written with the property , there is no running any real estate proceeding, perhaps a change of ownership or registration of the lien, etc. (abbreviated let’s call this information the state). However, it is not always practical to inspect the land registry and verify the information.

For this reason, there is the Register Guardian. Its operation is very simple: it checks the status of the property for you, as often as you specify. At a specified time (i.e. After every specified interval) detects the condition of the property and thus acquired information are stored securely together. Simultaneously checks whether the current status different from your predetermined condition that you described as correct one. If conditions vary and therefore there some changes has been made (eg. It started the procedure for registration of the lien, etc.) it will immediately inform you about this.

For further information contact:

Ing. Aleš Novotný, Head of Department, ÚOZI, +420 777 900 050,