Engineering Surveying


Do you need to range or target a new building , to create a geodetic documentation for the project or to purchase data to make out copies of passports of communications, traffic signs, street lighting and municipal facilities. If so, do not hesitate to contact us.


Engineering geodesy deals with the tasks related to the building of ranging networks, ranging and control measurement of the spatial position of structures, ranging and inspection of geometrical parameters of industrial buildings and equipment, measurement of the area for projection activities and development of geodetic part of documentation of the actual construction work.


The company GIS – STAVINVEX a.s. provides a complete service of geodetic work of all types of investment construction. A part of our services is performance in activity of the main surveyor of construction (ÚOZI).

We offer the following services:

  • Building a point field
  • Targeting for the project documentation
  • Creating a 3D digital terrain models, contour lines
  • Creation of transverse and longitudinal profiles
  • Ranging and targeting of the engineering networks of all administrators
  • Ranging of the construction building
  • Ranging of line construction buildings
  • Ranging work during ground work
  • Calculation of cubic capacities during ground work
  • Technical and precise leveling
  • Targeting on actual construction and comletion of necessary documentation

We offer to cities and municipalities:

  • The creation of digital technical maps
  • Creating a passport of local roads and sidewalks
  • Creating a passport of road signs
  • Creating a passport of public lighting
  • Creating a passport of facilities

We also specialize in railways measuring (G01 own certificate)

  • Targeting of railway superstructure for project activities
  • Levelling of railway point field

For further information please contact:

Vojtěch Hron, Head of Department, +420 737 286 335